For over 20 years, I worked as a photographer, editor and educator in the corporate photography world. It was a great training ground - I got to hone my skills, meet all sorts of interesting people, and really immerse myself in my photography career. But through it all, there was this persistent voice inside me saying "Yeah, this is awesome...but it's not quite yours yet."

The thing is, I'm just a big believer in the power of entrepreneurship and creativity to truly change lives. I've witnessed so many people over the years pursue their own visions and "something more", despite all the risks and challenges. It's incredibly inspiring stuff! And I always felt this undeniable pull to get in on that myself someday.

So after two decades of working for others, I finally got up the guts to branch out on my own with a personal branding photography business. Was it scary? Absolutely. But deep down, I knew it was the right move to marry my photography passion with a higher purpose - empowering other entrepreneurs and visionaries by helping them create unique brand visuals that showcases what they have to offer the world.

These days, I get to work closely with other creators and go-getters to capture personal branding images and experiences that attract their dream clients and opportunities.

My role is to create imagery with intent - visuals purposefully crafted to showcase not just their offerings, but their unique expertise, personality and the transformation they provide. 

So in a nutshell - I'm an entrepreneur's photographer and creative co-conspirator who simply wants to highlight other go-getters in a way that spotlights how genuinely unique they are. 

If that approach to photography speaks to you, I'd love to explore working together.

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